Common Instrument Repair & Setup Services

Minor tune-ups and adjustments can keep your instrument sounding its best, and if your guitar has already been setup by us these are covered under warranty and free of charge. For our instrument repair services, use the table below for a general pricing guide. All prices are based on the shop rate of $184/hour.

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Re-String (Acoustic or Electric) 0.25 hrs Strings
Re-String (Nylon String, Floyd Rose or 12-String) 0.5 hrs Strings
Setup & Re-String Includes smooth dressed fret ends, fret leveling (up to 0.003″), fret polish, tuning machines lubricated+tightened, nut slot height correction, truss rod adjustment/lubrication, action set at bridge/saddle, all loose screws tightened, oiled fingerboard, pickup height/pole pieces, electronics cleaned/checked/tightened, and intonation at 12th, 19th and 24th frets. 1.0 hrs Strings
Floyd Rose Setup / Restring 1.5 hrs Strings
Replace Nut or Saddle (Plastic, Preformed) 0.5 hrs Part + Strings
Replace Nut or Saddle (Bone, custom made in-house for your guitar. Includes Full Setup) 1.5 hrs $12 Bone Blank + Strings
Acoustic Pickup Install: Professional, clean installation ensuring even output across all strings. Restringing, string height (saddle and truss rod) adjustments, and fretboard conditioning included. 1.0 hrs Strings
Ramp Saddle Slots (Acoustic)Creating a sharper break angle from the pin ports to the saddle ensures even, adequate pressure across the entire saddle. This results in a slightly louder guitar with more crisp, clear tone. 0.5 hrs
Broken Headstock Repair Believe it or not, a broken guitar neck can almost always be repaired, costing far less than replacing the instrument. The glue used creates a bond stronger than wood itself, guaranteeing that it will never break in the same spot again. 2 – 4 hrs
Bridge Re-Glue If you can slide a business card underneath the back of the bridge on your acoustic guitar, it needs to be removed and re-glued correctly. An improper mating of the bridge to the guitar top will severely rob your acoustic guitar of tone. The joint between the bridge and the top must be perfect to allow the strings energy to pass through it. A gap in this joint can result in anything from a “dead” sounding instrument, to the bridge tearing off completely under string tension. We use hot hide glue for this process. 2 – 4 hrs
Neck Reset (Acoustic) If the neck is over set, or under set, it is impossible to achieve the desired action on an acoustic guitar or bass. Using a method of steam injection, the neck can be delicately eased out of its dovetail joint and separated from the body with no damage done to the structure or finish surrounding it. Once the desired neck angle has been achieved, it is reattached to the body with hot hide glue, and the action can then be set to play killer with no buzz. 3 – 6 hrs