Never Pay to Have Your Instrument Setup Twice

Our Guitar Repair Shop Offers Lifetime Warranties on All Musical Instrument Services and Repairs

R Guitars - the guitar repair shop busy at workOur guitar repair shop services are for anyone who wants their musical instrument to perform up to its full potential.

Contrary to the popular myth, a guitar does not come ‘setup’ from the factory. When it arrives in Calgary, the humidity (or lack thereof) will differ from your guitar’s place of origin, and the wood will proceed to acclimatize itself accordingly. A milder version of this ‘settling’ also takes place every year when the seasons change. Small changes and movements in the wood can make your instrument buzz, or make it very difficult to play. Bringing your instrument in to our guitar repair shop for seasonal checkups will prolong the life our your instrument.

If your instrument has already been setup by R Guitars, these small adjustments necessary for maintaining its playability are covered by the Warranty, for the life of the Guitar.

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About Steve

Steve Rozitis was born in Vancouver in 1985, and moved to Calgary with his family in 1999.  At the age of 15, while rummaging around in the basement he discovered his mother’s old 70’s Yamaha acoustic guitar. Within a few months he was completely addicted. Learning licks, riffs, songs and solos like mad, by 17 he played at his high school’s Battle of the Bands and was teaching guitar part time after school to a few of the neighborhood kids.

In 2005 at 20 years old, and after a series of odd jobs and world travels, he was working full time at a local software start-up as a Quality Analyst, as well as teaching guitar and bass lessons in the evenings (60+ students/week!) to save up for Fretworks’ 3 month program on guitar repair. It was also this summer that Kurtis Downs joined Steve as dualing lead guitar players in The Firm Handshake…Continue reading about Steve