Instrument Repair by R Guitars

We Can Repair Your Broken or Under-Performing Instruments

We don’t just fix guitars. Whether it is a banjo, ukulele, bouzouki, mandolin, violin, bass or dobro, R Guitars can get your instrument playing and sounding its best. No one should struggle with an instrument that is buzzing, or hard to play. All of our setups include leveled (up to 0.003″) and mirror polished frets, and smooth dressed fret ends at no additional charge.

Common Repair Services

Restringing, Setup, Replacing the Nut or Saddle, Pickup Install, Neck and Bridge Re-glueing (Acoustic) and More.

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Fret leveling, re-fretting and more.

More Fretwork Information


Pickup swaps/installs, volume/tone pots, toggle switches and more.

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  • ~ Details – Every single guitar that comes across our bench gets a clean, fresh microfibre towel.
  • ~ Precision – Measuring the height of your frets down to the 0.0005″ (that’s 5 ten-thousandths of an inch) so you can actually see what is causing that buzz.
  • ~ Patience – R Guitars is the only shop in town to use the extruded aluminum Erlewine Neck Jig both on our custom builds, and on every single fret level and refret. Perfect results every time, guaranteed.
  • ~ Passion – Hand building our own acoustic guitars with wood sourced from around the world that has been air dried for a minimum of 5 years right here in Calgary. Then it is stored at 45-50% humidity in the shop for minimum 1 year.  Sizes include 00, 000 (OM), Dreadnought, 1943 Hauser-style Classical, and Bass. Contact us to see what’s in the pipeline, or what’s finished and in stock, as the custom order list has closed.
  • ~ Teamwork – Steve Rozits, Kurtis Downs, and Tom Kilroe all bring a varied, yet unique skill-set to the bench. With each being a respectable player and collector in his own right; their combined guitar knowledge and vastness of musical experience cannot be overstated.  The collaboration of three minds when problem solving sets us ahead of the pack.
  • ~ Tooling – From the finest micro chisels to the biggest bandsaw, we have it all. R Guitars is proud to offer the full range of luthier and woodworking services to help you get your project completed. From resawing, jointing and planing raw lumber, to thickness sanding a top to within 0.0005″ to dovetail neck joints, nitro, french polishing, neck angles… we can help.