Guitar Electronics Repair by R Guitars

All of our Guitar Electronics Repairs come with a lifetime warranty and are quoted at our shop rate of $184/hour. Standard turnaround time is 2-3 days, with same-day service available on request at no extra charge.

The following electronic services run 1/2 hour for the first, add 1/4 hour for each subsequent:

  • Pickup Swap / Install
  • Broken wires
  • Volume Tone / Pots
  • Toggle Switch
  • Output Jack
  • Pickup rewind (1/2 hr each)

Custom electronic work such as coil tapping, series/parallel, phase inversion, and pickup rewinding are available on request.

Potting Pickups: 1/2 hour (1/4 hr for additional pickups)

Often in the sheer speed of a modern production line, the process of potting the pickup coils in melted wax is not given adequate attention. Any air gap in the coils will produce what's known as ‘microphonic feedback’. This is a high pitched squeal emitted from the amplifier even at relatively low volumes. If your guitar is feeding back when its not supposed to, a simple procedure of re-potting the pickups in a bath of 80% paraffin and 20% beeswax will do the trick.

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